The most Haunted House In Britian, Which I used To See Out Of My Bedroom Window. Ghost Ghostwitter The Last Ghostbuster

Hey Guys,

Thanks for dropping by to Ghostwitter… It’s The Last Ghostbuster here. I’ve started this blog to post articles, stories, books on one of the many interests which are the weird and wonderful phenomenon we call Ghosts.

At a very early age I had lots of contact with Ghosts, so I know for sure that they exist, there is no doubt about it. I was never harmed in anyway but was left more than a bit shaken, bashed arounded mentally and one time in tears, but it’s made me a broader minded person as a result…. if you’ve never been contacted then don’t be a doubter, there is plenty of time for them to pay you a visit hee hee!!! They have got a lot of people to scare, so don’t feel left out. Remember things that go bump in the night aren’t there to harm you, just scare the hell out of you, you’ll be fine when they eventually pick you out.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has experienced anything freaky, and I will publish your story on this blog…

So say hello. and be sure to comment and share any stories you find scary on your social media… spread the love peeps..

The Last Ghostbuster


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